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Market Research

We train importers, distributors, marketing and sales teams to understand the dairy products, their raw material, their production process, their nutritional, functional and organoleptic characteristics, in order to accelerate and facilitate the introduction of their products to the market assuring to reach your market price.

On-site Store Checks

We visit stores of different sales channels in order to be updated on the product offer, product prices, product labelling and packaging, informing our clients about the present products in the market and the featuring trends.

E-commerce Investigations

We research within chinese web search engines, and the e-commerce platforms from different geographical areas in china, informing on the online product offer, product prices, product labelling and packaging, informing our clients about the presence of the products in the market and the featuring trends.

Visiting Trade Shows

We have trade show calendars of Asia, visiting them in order to expand data base of potential clients within the different product domaine, and the upcoming trends of the market. We recollect information of chinese exhibitors and worldwide participants of the china market.

Commercial Representation

We connect you with the local market, and develop your sales channels.

Market development

We connect you with local clients, creating confidence, business meetings and long term business relationships.

Technical meetings with clients

We help you sell your product by giving you technical support in your sales meeting, comparing your product with others in the market, showing the quality and added value your product has compared with others.

Participation to Trade Fairs

We attend to the important fairs promoting your products. We can prepare your own stand and represent your company.

Technical Sheets

We create and/or translate your company technical specifications adapted to the local market.

Brand Registration

We register your brand in China so nobody can use it.

Public Relations & Communication

We offer the service of Public Relations and Communication in China together with our strategic alliance with the agency Capital Sur, located in Osorno, Chile. We are aiming at promoting international communication for companies that want to have a presence in China and providing strategic communication for their services/products, company or brand.

Stage 1: Advice on international communication

- Diagnosis of the company: analyzing the situation and the potentiality of the company itself and its communication level in the country.
- Map of Stakeholders: for the brand, the products and services.
-Advice on strategies: creating the background story that expresses and represents the value of the brand and implementing the marketing strategies, which will be defined by ˇ°Strong Ideasˇ± and actions which will be decided together.

Stage 2: Development of international communicational plan

- International Media Plan: define actions of communicational impact, such as brand launching, press releases, Investment in key channels, Social Media.
- Mapping of the strategic communicational media
- Adaptation of the press material: to the Chinese format and presentation

Stage 3: Implementation of the international communicational plan

- Coverage and Generation of contents: We are in China to execute all actions that are defined. We will cover the activities defined by the previous stages we have defined: photographs, videos and documents to be created for press releases, social media activities and digital marketing campaigns, etc.
- Strategic connections with the media: we will develop a relationship between the brand and the key channels for it, thus leading a way of positioning and building up the reputation in the China market.

Branding and Product presentation

We adapt the image of your brand and company in foreign or local markets and we give added value to your products. We promote with events and audiovisual aids, all adapted to the local market.


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