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Product feasibility analysis

We evaluate if your product is feasible for its introduction in the market and we suggest if it needs any adaptation. We analyze technical and customs feasibility.

Packaging and labeling

We help you choose the correct package for your exports, adapted to the market.

Product research

We adapt your label to local regulations. We work directly with the clients and CIQ.

We adapt your product to the market

For manufacturers: We help you adapt your global product to the local market. We create samples of different local flavors, textures, sizes, etc. Taste with clients, and create a new product. We send you all the supplies used and samples.

Market intelligence

We help you with innovative products, projects and marketing ideas. We provide you consuming trends of each market, and help you develop the new ideas. We send you samples of new innovative products. We assist constantly to fairs.

Product development

We help you develop the product you require with our European dairy technicians. We provide you the know-how and we source the machinery and supplies if needed.

Dairy industry projects

Project development

We provide you ideas, machinery, process intelligence, startups and followups of dairy process lines.


We provide you optimization of your dairy plant, starting with a preliminary evaluation, followed by a consultancy program and followups.


Technical consultancy

We assess you with all your dairy questions and become a partner in your team.

Technical meetings with clients

We assess your requirements, provide the connections needed and other market dairy intelligence.

Dairy plant consultancy

We assess your dairy plant and create a consultancy program with followups.